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HFG provides full-service medical communications that HCPs and their patients can truly believe in.

We create and design innovative tactics and strategies that motivate immediate and enduring action.

We ensure positive outcomes are linked with your brand—reinforcing your customer’s trust.

Executive Leadership Team

We’ve experienced it all—the profound evolution of promotional medical education over the last 2 decades, along with changes in the entire communication landscape, from CME to sales, advertising to PR.

The HFG Leadership Team exemplifies the partnership of savvy and client-focused tactical planning, with credible and inspirational scientific storytelling. We pride ourselves on being an extension of your team—and making your success our success.

Building the Brand Story Your Customers Believe In

Emotions have a defining impact on medical education

Storytelling determines how your audience:

  • Identifies what’s important
  • Perceives it as valuable
  • Interprets it as motivating
  • Applies it to clinical practice

The Scientific Message

Leveraging Our Knowledge of the Neurobiology of Emotional Storytelling

Foundational Initiatives Validate and Elaborate Your Scientific Story

Foundational Initiatives Validate and Elaborate Your Scientific Story

KOL Identification and Engagement

Advisory Board Meetings

Competitive Intelligence

Speaker Bureau Selection and Training

Disease State and Promotional Slide Decks

Healthcare Professional and Patient Videos

Website Content

Materials for Patient Education

Customized Tactics for Turning Belief Into Action

Evidence-Based Education Checklist:

HFG’s 5 “Rs” for Transformational Learning
  • Relevance
  • Reflection
  • Restatement
  • Repetition
  • Reaction

Customized Initiatives

Customized Initiatives


Roundtable Meetings

Web Conferences


Patient Programs


Programs You Can Own

Brands Have Become the Relationships They Embody

We Challenge Ourselves and Our Clients to Create Truly Brand-Defining Tactics

You can trust HFG to relentlessly seek out cost-effective opportunities to create innovative engagements in ways that deepen relationships with your audiences

Together, we will ensure your customers experience a shared purpose, a unified vision that brings your brand’s impetus to life

Innovative Engagements

Innovative Engagements

Tx Speaks & Virtual TxSpeaks

Expert Exchange & Virtual Expert Exchange

Hologram Broadcasts

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